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USB Loader GX GameCube Download

USB Loader GX GameCube Download Latest Version

USB Loader GX GameCube Download Latest VersionUSB Loader GX is a GUI for centered on lib Wiig UI. It allows listing and launching Wii games, Gamecube games and homebrew on Wii and WiiU vWii mode. Its interface, based on the theme that is official Nintendo Wii, is easy to use and perfect for kids and most of the family. A lot of options are available and directly editable through the loader’s program.

Features of USB Loader GX:

  • Supports UStealth (modified HDD MBR’s signature to avoid WiiU’s format message).
  • Game information: Reads game info from the XML file in your folder that is config like, designer, year, rating, genre, etc.
  • Aids arguments from meta.xml on boot.
  • Supports NandEmulation to store the games directly that are save SD or USB instead of the Wii memory. (needs cIOS which are d2x alpha or later)
  • Wide-screen support: with no themes that are different wide-screen.
  • Four layouts from Game, Game Grid, Game Carousel, Channel grid.
  • Help Neek2o (Wii and vWii) and channel autobooting.
  • Download “average” covers 3D covers and disc images for many of the games on your HDD.
  • Supports drives 4kb for FAT32, NTFS, and WBFS. (needs cIOSx v6+ that is d2x
  • Look and feel just like the Wii that is original Menu
  • Use rumble function, switch sounds, vocals, disc slot lights up, etc.
  • Auto-detects and set the screen that is right based on your WiiU that is the own movie.
  • Works without an HDD that is connected to games of their origins
  • WBFS partition with 4kb sector size permits someone to keep more than 500 games.
  • Alternate dol loading: aids individual dol files required seriously to introduce some games
  • Global Settings and “per game” settings.
  • List sorting & Favorites: you sort the list by play stats, names,
  • favorites ranking and some players. You can show your preferences only.
  • Genuine Wii system menu feeling with our improved
  • System Menu Player with Channels and Banners animation!
  • Aids WiiU Wii that is a mode that is digital.
  • Direct supports that are streaming AIF/MP3/OGG/BNS/WAV.
  • Supports Launching of triforce games that are arcade Quadforce.
  • Trying to find games via the on-screen keyboard.
  • Play stats: helps guide you times which can be numerous played the overall play.
  • Utilize Wii that is original font the console to look better still.
  • Display games from several origins simultaneously:
  • Wii Games, GameCube Games, Channels on Wii,
  • Channels on Emulated NAND.
  • Sort and create games by categories.
  • (Tutorial)outside Wad Managers not needed.
  • Block games from reloading another IOS:
  • No have to utilize dog that is the method that is alternative.g.
  • Read amounts for each game through the games database or on user demand
  • locks every menu and button one at the same time.

Why Use USB Loader GX?

  • The GUI is thoroughly considering the lib Wiig UI that is awesome Tantric
  • Supports showing and networks that are launching NandEmulation!
  • Appropriate for both USB ports (needs Hermes cIOS or d2x v9+).
  • Supports Batch install/uninstall of WAD files from the folder to/from EmuNAND. [ IMG]
  • Full cIOSd2x along with newBlock IOS Reload, Return To, Sector Sizes > 512b, NAND Emulation.
  • Language file support (use your tongue that is native to loader).
  • Supports USB3.0 hard disks.
  • Playlog: Log the game you played to your Wii message board
  • Works with AHB access and IOS58.
  • No cIOS are necessary to make use of the loader and launch GameCube or channels.
  • Update to the modification that is latest in the GUI (requires web connection).

USB Loader GX GameCube Download Latest Version


  • To utilize USB Loader GX, you will need:
  • An SD/SDHC Card (optional, you can use one if you find SD access on your desktop easier than USB
  • if you have restricted USB storage space or)
  • Extra information you must know:
  • you do not have the Homebrew Channel installed on your Wii or:
  • Modify any Wii 4.3 and bellow

Install instructions?

  • Install the newest revision and draw out it to your SD card or USB partition.
  • If you’ll need a channel on your System menu, or”return that enables” option:
  • DO NOT install the “USBLoaderGX_v3.0_IOS249.wad”.
  • It will establish a channel that is outdated will create conflicts
    aided by the latest releases installed in The Homebrew Channel.
  • Get to Home/Releases/Forwarders/
  • Select the most recent forwarder wad variation for your console.
  • Do not install Wii version on vWii, or the vWii variation on Wii!
  • If you wish to USBLoaderGX that is auto-boot from:
  • . Install a forwarder channel for your console (see above).
  • Install USBLoaderGX on your SD card or USB.
  • Download latest forwarder dol from Home/Releases/Forwarders dols/
  • Boot into Priiloader and introduce the dog that is installed.


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